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About Like2Dive is a ground-breaking community created for scuba divers only. Easily find out when and where to go for a perfect diving holiday, and get inspired for new diving destinations. The website features:

  1. Reviews of the best destinations, dive sites & dive resorts worldwide;

  2. Activities shared by members of Like2Dive, including underwater photo's and video's, dive site reviews, and more;

  3. Inspiring user profiles: See where your divebuddies have travelled before, and where they plan to dive next!

  4. A sophisticated explorer that shows you when and where to go, for example to see that rare specie you've never seen before (mantas, whale sharks, whales)!

All diving destinations have been handpicked by, based on input from a network of experienced scuba divers, diving schools and shops worldwide and based on feedback from the users of our website, you. In addition, the selection is backed by accurate weather data by the reknown provider World Weather Online. The weather data includes both historic climate statistics and real-time 14-day forecasts. is a site by 4 Elements Travel which specializes in theme based travel portals. Other websites by 4 Elements travel are and, which are similar platforms for golfers and kitesurfers respectively.